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“There is a Sanskrit saying ‘Vidya Vinayen Shobhate’ which highlights humility and politeness as the indicators of intellectual qualities. Knowledge and wisdom suits well those who are humble and polite. It kindles the quest for knowledge and serves as an inspirational ideology to achieve the core values of AIS.”
  • It aims at imparting education through fun and discipline making our students better citizens of tomorrow.
  • Our curriculum sets a global standard for education with programmes that stretch challenge and inspire our students.
  • At AIS the curriculum and pedagogy has holistic approach to teaching and learning and our teachers and staff are committed to recognising and developing the potential in every child and giving them an opportunity to explore, expand and excel.
  • AIS ensures that the student experiences new cultures, makes friends who are from diverse states and develop new language skills.
  • Equal importance is given to Scholastic and Co-scholastic.
  • AIS is a place where children feel challenged but competent where they work hard but enjoy it.
  • Good rapo between teacher’s, students and parents.
  • Good coordination and teamwork among the teachers for the progress to reach the pinnacle of success.
  • AIS initiated to reduce homework and bag burden through prep classes.
  • At AIS your child’s lifetime experiences are memorable and get valuable education with us.
  1. Eco friendly learning without fear.
  2. It is a first place where the child builds his/her self-esteem.
  3. At this age there is a special focus on beginning development fine and gross motor skill development, language development independence and more.
  4. Stimulating and colourful classes to create interest among children.
  5. Innovative methods by using modern technology like Tata Edge Classes, AV Rooms, Smart Board, and Activity Room.
  6. Activity based learning with help of working models, dummy models.
  7. Activities are conducted to develop the psychomotor skills of the child. The education aims at holistic development of the child.
  8. Personal attention and care/Guidance provided by faculty.
  9. Low teacher student ratio.
  1. Education that imparts career choosing.
  2. Apart from textual based learning with student orient discovery and self-propelled activities is given lot of emphasis.
  3. Our students gain the socio-economic and critical thinking skills needed to become successful global citizens in an over changing world.
  4. Highly qualified, experienced, dedicated and talented faculty.
  5. Audio visual and smart class room for e-learning.
  6. Special assessment of speaking and listening room.
  7. Modern facilities for sports, yoga, karate and fine arts.
  8. Abacus training for meticulous speed and accuracy.
  9. “It is all about widening knowledge and absorbing the truth about life.”

To create a positive and loving atmosphere is the joint responsibility of the professional and the parent community.

The relationship between teachers and students is warm and cordial.

Plastic and pollution-free zone.

Congenial teaching –learning atmosphere.

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