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Calendar of Events


JUNE 01/06/2021 Tueday School Reopens For Grade I To X
01/06/2021 Tuesday Orientation Programme
05/06/2021 Saturday World Environment Day
12/06/2020 Saturday Drawing Competition for Grade VIII to X
19/06/2021 Saturday House Captain Selection
19/06/2021 Saturday Handwriting Competition ( Grade I and II)
19/06/2021 Saturday Book mark Competition for V to VII
21/06/2021 Monday International Yoga Day
26/06/2021 Saturday Maths crossword puzzle for grades III and IV
JULY 12/07/2021 Monday Paper Bag Day
12/07/2021 to 19/07/2021 Monday To Saturday Periodic Test 1 ( Grade I To X)
19/07/2021 Saturday Drawing Competition for Grades III and IV
21/07/2021 Wednesday Bakri Id Holiday
24/07/2021 Saturday English Elocution for Grade III and IV
31/07/2021 Saturday English Poem recitation ( Grade I and II)
31/07/2021 Saturday Maths Suduku Competition for Grades V to VII
AUGUST 07/08/2021 Saturday History Seminar for Grades VIII to X
14/08/2021 Saturday Petriotic Solo Song Competition for Grde V to VII
15/08/2021 Sunday Independence Day
19/08/2021 Thursday MOharam Holiday
21/08/2021 Saturday Maths Seminar for Grade VIII to X
28/08/2021 Saturday Story Telling for Grade I
28/08/2021 Saturday English Elocution Competition for Grade II
28/08/2021 Saturday Science Model Making Competition for Grade III and IV
SEPTEMBER 04/09/2021 Saturday Hindi Elocution for Grade III and IV
05/09/2021 Sunday Teacher’s Day
06/09/2021 Monday Last Shravan Somawar Holiday
08/09/2021 Wednesday Global Literacy Day
10/09/2021 Friday Ganesh Chaturthi Holiday
11/09/2021 Saturday Hindi Elocution for Grades V to VII
14/09/2021 Tuesday Hindi Diwas
18/09/2021 Saturday Drawing Competition for Grades I and II
20/09/2021 to 25/09/2021 Monday to Saturday MID-TERM EXAM (Grade I to X)
OCTOBER 02/10/2021 Saturday Gandhi Jayanti & Lal Bahadur Jayanti
06/10/2021 Wednesday Mahalaya Amavasya Holiday
09/10/2021 Saturday SST Declamation for Grades V to VII
13/10/2021 Wednesday Open Day ( Mid Term )
14/10/2021 to 17/10/2021 Thursday To Sunday Dusshera Holiday
18/10/2021 Monday School Reopens
19/10/2021 Tuesday Eid-Milad Holiday
20/10/2021 Wednesday Maharshi Walmiki Jayanti
23/10/2021 Saturday Science Seminar for Grade VIII to X
30/10/2021 Saturday Science Model Making Competition for Grade VIII to X
31/10/2021 Sunday National Integration Day
NOVEMBER 01/11/2021 Monday Karnataka Rajyotsava
02/11/2020 TO 09/11/2020 Tuesday to Sunday Diwali Holiday
14/11/2021 Sunday Children’s Day
22/11/2021 Monday Kanakadas Jayanti
26/11/2021 Friday Constitution Day
DECEMBER 2nd Week Thursday Annual Day Grade I to X
25/12/2021 to 02/01/2021 Saturday to Sunday Autumn Holiday
JANUARY 03/01/2021 Monday School Reopens
10/01/2022 to 17/01/2022 Monday to Monday Periodic Test – II ( Grade I to X)
12/01/2022 Wednesday Vivekananda Jayanti/ Natitional Youth Day
14/01/2022 Friday Makar Sankranti
23/01/2022 Sunday PE Day
27/01/2021 Thurday Open Day ( PT- II)
26/01/2021 Wednesday Republic Day
30/01/2021 Sunday Martyr’s Day
FEBRUARY 21/02/2021‚Äč Monday Mother Language Day
28/02/2021 Monday National Science Day
2nd week Annual Examination.


June 02-06-2020 Tuesday Orientation Program
03-06-2020 Wednesday Pre-Primary School Re-open
July 17-07-2020 Friday Colouring Competition
August 04-08-2020 Tuesday Rhymes (Nursery)
05-08-2020 Wednesday Rhymes (LKG)
06-08-2020 Thursday Rhymes (UKG)
07-08-2020 Friday Rhymes (UKG)
SEPTEMBER 07-09-2020 Monday Story Telling (Nursery)
08-09-2020 Tuesday Story Telling (LKG)
09-09-2020 Wednesday Story Telling (LKG)
10-09-2020 Thursday Story Telling (UKG)
11-09-2020 Friday Story Telling (UKG)
October 06-10-2020 Tuesday Spell Bee (LKG)
07-10-2020 Wednesday Spell Bee (UKG)
08-10-2020 Thursday Spell Bee (UKG)
November 03-11-2020 Tuesday Fancy Dress Competition (Nursery)
04-11-2020 Wednesday Fancy Dress Competition (LKG)
05-11-2020 Thursday Fancy Dress Competition (UKG)
December 11-12-2020 Saturday Annual Day
24/12/2020 to 02/01/2021 Thursday to Saturday Autumn Holiday
04-01-2021 Monday School Re-Opens