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“Angadi International School is an English Medium co-educational school set in an idyllic lush green campus. It was started in the year 2015. Its serene location, secure environment, sophisticated and integrated infrastructure and complimenting ambience make it an ideal setting to acquire knowledge. Students of AIS lead a life which is full. Academics, of course is the priority. Recognizing the fact that students also need to be groomed holistically, a number of activities are built into the campus routine such that learning become more enjoyable than a burden.”

Angadi International School has been established to provide value based relevant education to create healthy and congenial atmosphere, where young and creative minds are nurtured, where the natural growth of the individual is ensured with an emphasis on holistic approach. We aim to turn out happy pupils with sound moral values, who are hard working, dedicated human beings, self disciplined, considerate, responsible and sociable individuals ready to face the challenges of the twenty first century.

AIS stands for good ethics, a living example for the ultimate goal of true education & character has become a symbol of trust.

At AIS every student is considered to be unique and so is their learning.


“There is a Sanskrit saying ‘Vidya Vinayen Shobhate’ which highlights humility and politeness as the indicators of intellectual qualities. Knowledge and wisdom suits well those who are humble and polite. It kindles the quest for knowledge and serves as an inspirational ideology to achieve the core values of AIS.”

Our Vision

“To mould young minds into ideal, responsible and charismatic human beings who will be assets to the society they live in and who can lead rather than being led by others.”

Our Mission

“To provide value based relevant education to create a healthy and congenial atmosphere where young and creative minds are nurtured and where the natural growth of individual is ensured with an emphasis on holistic approach.”

Late. Shri. Suresh Angadi, Former MoS, Railways, Govt. of India, Former four term Member of Parliament, Belagavi and Founder Chairman, Suresh Angadi Education Foundation (SAEF) was a devout follower of Swami Vivekananda and his principles. His philosophy has been that education should not merely be gathering knowledge, rather it should be about developing the mind to broaden the horizon of thinking.

In 2008 he built “Suresh Angadi Education Foundation” on the pillars of Discipline, Dedication and Determination with an intention to provide education to the person at the last mile so that even the needy have access to quality education. His aim, was to provide quality education at affordable cost especially for rural students. He believed that the purpose of education is not just restricted to imparting academic knowledge but to inculcate among the students humanitarian values like wisdom, compassion, courage, humility and integrity. In this  regard, he always appealed to the students of SAEF to become fearless seekers of true knowledge in their quest of success. He always encouraged and motivated teachers so that they keep the flame of inquisitiveness alive among the students. His dream was to make Belagavi a top educational hub in this country by providing excellent educational facilities to students who come from various backgrounds. Lastly, he believed and lived upto the saying “WORK IS WORSHIP”. A proverb that repeatedly reminds us that it is essential to take an intent in what we do. Unless we follow our passion and do what we generally love to do, we will never be able to achieve success.

Education is commitment to excellence in teaching and learning. We at Suresh Angadi Education Foundation (SAEF) believe in holistic education for your child, encompassing academics, co-curricular activities, sport education and life skill learning. Our endeavor is to strike a balance between state of the art infrastructure and an internationally acceptable education. We are confident that SAEF is the best place for your child, we welcome your active interest and involvement in the process and activities of your child. We look forward to your continues support. I welcome you all to this magnificent campus with talented academic community, spirited staff and overall helpful administration for ensuring you definite and bright career.

School is the place where Academic & Social life of most people begin. It plays a central role in nurturing & developing the unique talent of every child as well as in shaping their character.

At Angadi International School our vision is to provide the world with responsible & disciplined youth. Children’sholistic development and wellbeing is given utmost priority at our school. Our constant endeavour is to identify children’s interest early and develop them into their passion.

In the fast-changing world driven by technology, AIS teachers are well adapted with technology-based teaching also keeping in mind the importance of tradional methods of teaching our teachers work to balance the two for the best outcomes from students.

Our education programmes are complemented by state-of-art facilities and excellent resources, every child is given opportunity to engage & excel in Sports & co-curricular activates.

I invite you to explore AIS as we dedicate ourselves every day to provide an outstanding education for our children.

Education is a passion driven journey. The excellence in teaching learning is achieved by people who are internally motivated to give direction to the lives of several students. We at Suresh Angadi Education Foundation (SAEF) strive to provide quality education through state of the art infrastructure and well qualified staff to cater the needs of the students. Our approach towards teaching learning process are student centric and focuses on overall development of a student to face the real world challenges. We invite all the young enthusiastic students to be a part of SAEF to become qualified professionals.

Angadi International School is established in 2015, provides value-based education in a healthy and congenial atmosphere, where young and creative minds are nurtured and the holistic growth of the individual is ensured with an emphasis on development of personality, innate skills and talents.

AIS imparts an education which moulds pupils into good human beings with strong moral values; who are dedicated hard working, self-disciplined. responsible and sociable: ready to face the challenges of 21st century. At the same time our efforts are constantly directed to the formation of character and training of mind not only in the classroom but also through multifarious co curricular and extra-curricular activities so that they become good and useful citizens of the country. We try to develop in them an integrated personality.

AlS stands for good ethics, and building of character, a shining example for schools in achieving the ultimate goal of true education. Today AIS is a symbol of trust. Our focus here is each individual, where every student is considered to be unique and so is their learning.
Today AIS has achieved the pinnacle of success by the inspiration and motivation of the management, pedagogical expertise of the teaching staff and collective efforts of the student and parents. The outstanding results in academics and other activities bear testimony to this fact.

We are certain that you will find AIS to be an excellent choice of school for your child.